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My name is Ross and I am a voice over artist that lives in the great state of North Carolina. So, how did I get into voice over acting? It is quite interesting. When I was in high school my friends and classmates always said that I had a great voice. While working as an assistant manager at the airport I would announce incoming planes that were about to land.

I also worked for a logistics company where I had to communicate over the radio. Colleagues at both jobs would compliment me on my voice. Most recently I had a friend of mine say that i should get into voice acting, and the rest was history!

With my passion and experience I would love to take your business, commercial, brand, or content to the next level!

How can I be of service?


As a professional voice-over artist, I offer a range of services to meet all your voice-over needs. My expertise lies in providing captivating and engaging voice-overs for various projects, including commercials, documentaries, animations, audiobooks, and more. With a versatile vocal range and excellent diction, Whether you require a warm and friendly voice for a commercial or a clear and authoritative voice for a corporate narration.I can bring your script to life and convey the desired tone and emotion. Music in the background can be provided as well if requested.

  • Commercial Voiceovers

    • High-energy, persuasive voiceovers for advertisements.

  • Narration

    • Professional narration for documentaries, audiobooks, and more.

  • Character Voices

    • Unique and captivating character voices for animations and games.

  • Phone System Recordings

    • Clear and concise voice recordings for phone system

boy singing on microphone with pop filter
boy singing on microphone with pop filter
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